Wedding on a Budget

When people think about weddings they usually think of huge budgets, massive flower arrangements, multiple tiered cakes, designer gowns, expensive foods, and a lot of stress. However, this does not mean that a smaller budget cannot be just as impressive and in fact quite often ends up so.

Currently, the average wedding budget is in the excess of £20,000 and both church and civil weddings can be equally expensive.

Getting Help

Following are a few tips to help you plan the perfect wedding on a more manageable budget.

  1. First, determine the budget and stick to it at all costs.
  2. Secondly, get help. This may seem obvious but so many people neglect to do this.

Consult, brainstorm, and plan with friends and family members as they may have some skills or ideas unknown to you. Include some who are already married as they have experience insight. You can also get them to help you as their wedding gift. Someone can cook the food rather than paying for that expensive caterer. You can arrange your own flowers or simply get less of them. You can also make your own invitations and use equipment such as stereos that you already have or borrow from a friend.

Change the Venue

Certain things in a wedding cost more and one of them is the venue. A simple way of reducing this expense is to use your own house or even a friend’s. Maybe someone has a restaurant or other type of space that they are willing to offer free of charge. Alternatively, if you really want that venue, simply change the dates to an off peak time. The popular Saturday is always going to be more expensive so why not get married mid-week. Other high expenses include food, drinks, the photographer, and reception. Again, go back to the group as they may have talents in some of these areas.

However, if you are keen on a professional then simply avoid using the word ‘wedding’ and maybe the quote will be cheaper!

Dress Yourself

The wedding dress is such a big part of the ceremony that it can be difficult to go cheap. However, there are options. If you are, an early planner then hit the sales. Alternatively, head to the second hand rack. There are usually some excellent choices there and remember they have only been worn once. Also, consider making one yourself. Many people have designed their own dresses with help from friends. Tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses can be rented instead of bought, and if ordered, do it in bulk to save on costs. Accessories, hair, and makeup can all be reduced on to a minimum or simply visit the local hairdresser rather than a salon.

If you follow these tips, plan ahead, and most of all do not panic, you can have an amazing wedding at an acceptable budget. Finally, reduce that guest list! Moreover, fewer mouths to feed and drink creates a much more intimate circle for this special day.