The Bachelorette Party

In our welcome to the ultimate wedding guide, we outlined the fact that a bride cannot have the perfect wedding without that outstanding bachelorette party. This is usually the task of the maid of honour and it can be a nightmare to organise.

Here we aim to provide you or your bridesmaids with a comprehensive set of suggestions that can make that an unforgettable night.

Plan that Party

A hen party, as they are dubbed in the UK is usually a full day of activities. Something more relaxed in the day with a little insanity at night. There are many styles and themes to choose from making it hard to pick that perfect party.

However, let us start with the basics.

  1. Firstly, draw up a list of who will attend this event. If it is going to be a night of pub-crawling then old aunts are not an option.
  2. Also, eliminate party poopers, people who do not get along, and anyone the bride does not like because this is meant to be a fun night.
  3. Pick a day for the party and not the night before the wedding! A date at least a week before is wise depending on what you have planned, as there may be some recovery time required.
  4. Also, organise it in advance so the attendees have time to accept and plan.

Where To Go?

Whether it is a trip away from home, a party in town, or a relaxed day at the spa, this needs to be thought through and planned to perfection. Some girls like that last night to be wet and wild similar to what is seen in the movies. Others prefer a gentler relaxed day and night, something that they will actually remember the next day.

Whichever you decide, consider the bride’s preferences. After all, it is her party!

How Naughty Are We?

The activities are what make or break a hen party and for the most part, the ‘traditional’ bachelorette involves a little bit of excessive drinking. This usually occurs in the evening and is an opportunity for the bride to let down her hair one last time. Common ideas usually revolve around some of the more usual night shenanigans such as comedy clubs, strip shows, and a couple of nightclubs all to add a dimension of party craziness. The day can be filled with quintessential girly activities such as spas, a brunch, or simply afternoon tea. Remember that quite often these events are also a bonding and catching up session with the girls so make sure there is some room in there for that too.

Here are some final suggestions to keep the party on track.

  • Firstly, keep in contact with each other. There is nothing worse than losing the bride.
  • Do not pack too much in. Keep up a good pace and the fun will keep on flowing.
  • Most importantly, do not force it. If it does not go exactly according to plan that may not be a bad thing.