Church Weddings

Church Weddings in the UK today make up a much smaller portion of weddings than in previous years. Inasmuch as there is only one in three, they still hold an important place, need as much planning, and finesse, if not more, than those civil ceremonies.

The Important Bits

The procedure of planning for Church Weddings varies slightly from that of civil ceremonies. It also must be noted that the part of the UK you reside in also determines some of these requirements in addition to if it is a Catholic or Church of England wedding.

Usually, a church ceremony occurs between 8am and 6pm daily. Furthermore, there are the banns of marriage that need to be announced 3-4 months before the actual wedding in the individual parishes. A couple can get married in a church of the parish in which they reside.

However, it is also possible to get married in a church where you have a connection such as having lived in the area for the previous six months, having worshipped regularly there for the previous six months, or were baptised there. You can also marry there if your parents or grandparents are connected to the parish through attendance or marriage. To make it even easier, for a Church of England wedding, neither of you need to be actually religious to perform this ceremony. In Catholicism, however, it is a requirement that one of you must practice the faith.

The Planning Part

Whether a civil or a church wedding, you will need to reserve a venue months before the date of the function. Many churches offer their halls for the reception but sometimes a more glamorous venue is desired. The cost of a church wedding is similar to that of a civil one with the added cost of £500 to perform the ceremony in the church. A few other things to consider when getting married in a church include if to use the organist, if the bells will be rung, and the type of flower arrangements to use. Quite often, the church will organise this for you, which helps if you are doing a wedding on a budget. Some churches prohibit the throwing of wedding confetti so inquire about natural confetti types as well.

Whilst you do not have to struggle with writing your own vows, hymns, bible readings, and music all must be chosen. A church wedding is a beautiful traditional ceremony and stunning when it is planned to perfection.